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What makes Reader's digest the World's best-loved Magazine?

Maybe it’s because it’s got the best writers – every month you’ll find A N Wilson, Bob Flowerdew, Martin Hughes-Games, Bob Flowerdew and a whole host more. As the winner of the PPA's Editor of the Year award, Reader's digest is also home to these must-read columnists:

Maybe it’s because it gives hours of reading pleasure – yet is still small enough to slip into your bag or pocket. It’s the perfect traveling companion. And the batteries never run out!

Maybe because it’s stuffed full of fascinating facts from all around the world, plus must-read tips to help make life simpler, easier and better, from brilliant money-saving ideas to cutting-edge health advice.

Maybe it’s because it puts a smile on your face. Not for nothing are our Laughter pages among the best-read in the magazine!

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